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Cashmere Scarf

Stylish ways you can wear your Cashmere Scarf

Women who want to feel elegant wearing a scarf mostly prefer wearing Cashmere scarves. A scarf can be worn in all seasons in different styles. They are available in various colors and patterns that could complement most outfits in your wardrobe. 

The Cashmere fabric is soft and warm.  The wool is handwoven by the most skilled artisans in Kashmir. Therefore, the fabric has a natural feel.  As wool is a natural fiber it needs more maintenance for longer life. Wool scarves should never be washed in a washing machine.  They need to be washed with care by hand in cold water and adding a small amount of detergent. They should be hand-dried and lightly ironed.  Pure Cashmere needs to be professionally washed. 

Another fabric which is very popular these days is Modal.  It is a very versatile fabric and many intricate designs can be woven or printed on the fabric. 

In this article, we will help you wear your scarf in stylish ways.  

Traditional Knot Loop:

One of the famous styles of wearing your cashmere travel wrap is wearing it in a traditional knot. So take the end of your cashmere scarf and tie it around your neck with either a simple knot or a loose tie.

Traditional Knot Loop

Double Wrap:

Double Wrap

Grab the inner corner of each end of the scarf and tie the corners in a full knot behind your neck. Loop the double wrap loosely around your neck a second time. Adjust the second loop so that the scarf’s fringes or designs are on top.

Light Blue Double Wrap

Poncho Style:

Poncho Style

To wear this style, take your cashmere scarf wrap and place it over both arms. Lie it over your back or even create a loose tie in the back to create a style with Less movement. This look is perfect for wearing a dress or blouse.

Poncho Style Grey Watercolor Wool & Silk Scarf

This elegant cover-up can be worn over the shoulders for a cool twist, draped for a contemporary look or with a belt at the waist to add panache.

Hang the scarf on your shoulders and then drape the right side of the scarf on your left shoulder. Adjust the length according to your style. Enjoy wearing your scarf in innovative ways!