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About Us

We believe fashion should be authentic, affordable, and kind to planet Earth. That’s why our accessories are handmade from natural or recycled fabrics by the talented artisans of Kashmir – the “UNESCO designated city of crafts”.

In 2012, solo entrepreneur and mom Shafu Vakil launched her company Rayz – a fashion line for scarves, exotic handbags, & trendy wool caps in Upstate NY.  Her goal is to design and make beautiful, high quality scarves and accessories like our best-selling five-zipper bags and bring them to your doorstep.  Born in the valley of Kashmir herself, textiles like pashmina and silk were and continue to be a source of beauty and inspiration for her.  She loves picking out the fabrics, colors, and designs of her purses and other accessories together with the artisans who come from parts of the world where skilled craftsmanship is a cultural tradition that is passed down through generations.  The relationship between the designer and artisans is an opportunity for creative collaboration across cultures.  Your business allows us to continue supporting them in an impactful way.

Offering products of uncompromising quality at affordable prices is a core value of our company.

We hope that you enjoy wearing our accessories!